3 Startups, 1 Offer, YOU Decide Who Gets It, Welcome to the Omega Legacy Accelerator, Episode 1

Have you dreamed of pitching your idea on the TV Show Shark Tank? Maybe you fantasized about being one of the sharks. Well now you can be either and you don’t need to have Mark Cuban money or millions of Scrub Daddies in production to do it.   

Welcome to the Omega Legacy Accelerator, Episode 1

The Omega Legacy Accelerator is where we bring founders together to compete for offers, while  promoting them to our growing network of over 30,000 entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and physicians.

Omega Legacy Accelerator is more than just video-based pitch competitions. We are building a community designed for investors to make a real, tangible impact with some of the most innovative and driven entrepreneurs in the world. They have already proven themselves by passing our initial screening, and are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

3 Startups, 1 Offer, YOU Decide Who Gets It

-Our Founders pitch their ideas, see the videos below

-Our audience and network, the Sharks, choose their favorite, voting link below  

-Our winner receives Offer, described below 

Round 1 Evaluation Criteria – Idea Stage

This is the criteria we use to evaluate businesses in the idea stage.

-Do you understand it (who, what, where, when, why, how)?

-Is it a good idea? 

-Do you like the idea and want to be a part of it? 

-Can it add value to the universe?

-Can we help it be successful?

This Group’s Offer for the Winning Founder… and Maybe You!

Our winning Founder from this round and cohort will receive an offer of $4,000 of legal services from Wandzel Law PLLC in exchange for equity and move on to Round 2 of The Omega Legacy Accelerator. We will also choose one of our voters to receive the same offer as the winner. Learn more below.    

Meet Our Founders – Round 1, Cohort 1

#1 Shop & GO Is Building the Store of the Future 

Shop & GO Is Building the Store of the Future With Their Global Self-Checkout System. Self-Checkout is one of the hot-button technologies retailers are embracing as they embark on “store of the future” omni channel initiatives. As they explore their options, they are recognizing interactive self-checkout as an efficient and effective self-service opportunity, one that not only boosts customer convenience, but customer loyalty.

#2 Bijou Communities Creates Affordable Housing in Detroit

Bijou Communities Buys Distressed Properties and Creates Affordable Housing in Detroit. We buy vacant and distressed properties to create more affordable housing. The city is affordable and has a strong real estate market, but lacks available housing. This makes it attractive to homebuyers and renters. Rentals can generate high returns on investment. Detroit’s single-family homes are less expensive, presenting an opportunity for returns and cash flow. Our goal is to help bring the city back with other developers. 

#3 LeechGuard Is Making the Internet a Safer Place

LeechGuard Is Making the Internet a Safer Place by Protecting Us From Deepfakes. LeechGuard handles online content moderation. We monitor and have ways to recover damages for people who are victims of deepfakes, leaks, stolen content. We give the everyday person the same rights and ability as big companies to go after people who’ve stolen their content. We’re trying to make the internet a safer place for everyone.

Vote Now for Your Chance to Win!

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Which founder is your favorite? Vote now by telling us which business is your favorite in the comments below (1, 2, or 3.) Additional comments are also welcome. Please limit your voting to one vote per person, per platform. 




Special Thanks to Wandzel Law PLLC

Our winner will receive $4,000 of legal services provided by our strategic partner Wandzel Law PLLC, visit wandzellaw.com

Ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey? Wandzel Law offers a flat-rate legal service packages tailored for entrepreneurs and business owners. Services include assisting with business formation and corporate governance, advising on and preparing contract documents, and aiding in capital acquisition with financial and investment instruments.   

And the best part? The one-time fee allows you to forget about the stress of mounting hourly costs. They understand that taking the leap into starting a business requires courage and involves risk. That’s why they’re committed to providing you with the robust legal support you need to confidently pursue your business dreams while minimizing legal risks. Ready to take the next step towards your business goals?

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