Intermittent Fasting and How Autophagy Can Save Your Life – Wellness Wednesdays for Peak Entrepreneurial Performance

My quest to reverse my aging has led me to intermittent fasting. This was not even on the radar until I learned about a concept known as autophagy.

Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting is alternating durations of fasting and eating. I am currently fasting for sixteen hours and consuming inside an 8-hour window, which is known as the 16-8 method. During the fasting period, you eat no or very few calories. This ability you can solely drink water, black coffee, tea, or different non-caloric beverages. During the ingesting period, you can eat a everyday diet.

Ideally, this leads to ketosis, the place the body breaks down fats into ketones that can be used for energy. Ketosis has been proven to have several fitness benefits, such as weight loss, extended insulin sensitivity, and decreased inflammation.

Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis lead to Autophagy.


Autophagy is your body’s process of reusing old and damaged cell parts. Cells are the basic building blocks of every tissue and organ in your body. Each cell contains multiple parts that keep it functioning. Over time, these parts can become defective or stop working. They become litter, or junk, inside an otherwise healthy cell. Autophagy is your body’s cellular recycling system. It allows a cell to disassemble its junk parts and repurpose the salvageable bits and pieces into new, usable cell parts. A cell can discard the parts it doesn’t need. Autophagy is also quality control for your cells. Too many junk components in a cell take up space and can slow or prevent a cell from functioning correctly. Autophagy remakes the clutter into the selected cell components you need, optimizing your cells’ performance.


Recycles damaged cell parts into fully functioning cell parts. Gets rid of nonfunctional cell parts that take up space and slow performance. Destroys pathogens in a cell that can damage it, like viruses and bacteria.

Autophagy plays an important role when it comes to aging and longevity, too. As a person ages, autophagy decreases, which can lead to a build-up of cellular junk parts and, in turn, cells that aren’t functioning at their best.

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